Who we are

The Greek Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (GATCA) represents the Air Traffic Control Branch employees of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA).

The Air Traffic Controllers are extremely specialized professionals of high qualifications and are selected through a very demanding and vigorous process. They are tested on their general knowledge, spacial awareness, intelligence, multi tasking skills, their composure under stressful conditions, observingness, attention to detail and proper articulation of speech in English and Greek.

We are reviewed regularly on strictly defined periods as to our physical and mental health and we are regularly reassessed in terms of our skills and knowledge, in accordance to International Regulations.

We are responsible (among other duties) for:

  • preventing aircraft collision in the air and on the ground,
  • providing information to crews, and
  • alerting Rescue Services.

All the above tasks are carried out through direct radiotelephone communication with aircraft pilots and with the help of surveillance systems (Radar), where available.

We currently staff 19 Airports in Greece and the Athens – Macedonia Area Control Centre from which all flights that fly into ATHINAI FIR / HELLAS UIR (an area that includes National and International Airspace) are controlled.

We are responsible for approximately 700,000 flights per year (data 2014) that land and take off from Greek airports, or fly over our airspace.

We work closely with Units of the Hellenic Air Force, contributing decisively to Greece’s National Defense.

We contribute with great importance to our tourism industry, since the vast majority of visitors use air transport and we participate to a great extent to the impression a visitor gets of our country from the very first moment when boarding the plane bound for Greece from anywhere.

Air traffic controllers in Greece serve the profession with dedication, enthusiasm and pride 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year primarily ensuring flight safety and orderly flow of traffic, giving the maximum of our capabilities always.