The Greek Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (GATCA-EEEKE) was founded in the year 1961 and currently consists of approximately 500 members.

GATCA is a member of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers (IFATCA) and a member of the Air Traffic Control European Union’s Coordination (ATCEUC).

Aims of GATCA, as described in the Statute, are:

  1. The union of those exercising the profession of air traffic controller in Greece, regardless of gender, with the aim to promote aviation and the air traffic controller status in a way for the members to maintain a high scientific and professional level in order to meet the requirements of the national economy, National Defense, transport needs and welfare of Greece.
  2. The establishment, upliftment and promotion of the air traffic controller profession.
  3. The assistance and contribution to the development of safe and orderly air traffic control systems.
  4. The promotion of professional competence and education of air traffic controllers.
  5. The national, spiritual and social upliftment of its members, the development of the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity between them.
  6. The protection, safeguarding and promotion of the professional interests of its members.
  7. Communication and co-operation with entities, organizations, agencies of all kinds, domestically and abroad, especially with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers (IFATCA) as well as its participation in conventions, conferences and meetings relevant to Aviation and the Association.